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Award Winning Website Designs and SEO Success Stories

Our company is proud and excited to be able to share these success stories, testimonials and words of satisfaction from our customers. Click on the company logos above to see our video testimonial.

Here are few examples of the tremendous results our customers have come to expect from us. Please review the successful internet marketing and successful SEO campaigns of local, national and international businesses. They have achieved outstanding success with their internet advertising and all of Vayu Media's service offerings.

  • “TAG has seen our search engine results climb since partnering with Vayu Media - we have been very pleased with what they have been able to deliver!”

    Melanie Brandt, Chief Op. Officer,
    Technology Association of Georgia

  • “In one month, Vayu brought our relevant, qualified site traffic up 29%--we were holding steady for over a year and nothing we did made a difference, until we brought Vayu onboard."--Lisa Calhoun, CEO, Write2Market.”

    Lisa Calhoun, CEO,

  • “It has been a little while since we caught up and I wanted to be sure to let you know how thrilled we all are about the new Advantage website. We really can't believe how great it is.

    It has definitely made a huge impact on how we do business and our customers. I have over doubled my sales goals for this year already, and definitely contribute some of that success to Vayu.

    Thanks again!”

    David Eris King, Vice President,
    Business Development Advantage Building

  • “Thanks to Vayu Media, the process of starting our own website was painless.

    We were on a short deadline to have something up, and Jennifer Dunphy of Vayu Media understood this perfectly and was able to deliver a great product soon. Vayu Media took their time to learn about our organization and what we were striving to achieve using this type of medium.

    Our new website is simple yet engaging thanks to the graphics and layouts that Vayu Media suggested. It is easy to navigate and designed in a way that allows visitors to find just the information they are looking for.

    It is linked with our social media outlets, allows for new members to join online and make their membership contributions via PayPal, and makes it convenient for our visitors to get in touch with us.

    I recommend Vayu Media to anybody who is looking for a professional assistance without the hassle of dealing with a large and impersonal alternative.

    Thank you again.”

    Anna Alford, President,
    Polish American Chamber of Commerce – Atlanta

  • “Shouldn’t the company you hire be able to rank themselves in Google? Wouldn’t that be an indicator of what they could do for you? For results that speak for themselves see below:

    # 1 in Google

    Atlanta SEO Company

    Search Engine Optimization Service

    Search Engine Optimization Experts

    1st Page in Google for many keywords (Competition):

    seo services Atlanta (488,000)

    seo service Atlanta (651,000)

    seo service Atlanta (651,000)

    seo marketing Atlanta (1,060,000)

    seo expert Atlanta (661,000)

    seo company Atlanta (1,490,000)

    seo Atlanta (2,640,000)

    sem Atlanta (1,950,000)

    search engine positioning services (21,700,000)

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    search engine optimization services (60,200,000)

    search engine optimization service (8,090,000)

    search engine optimization firm (58,700,000)

    search engine optimization experts (2,680,000)

    search engine optimization company (14,300,000)”

  • “Not many industries get more competitive than Real Estate and Vayu Media was able to achieve quick and great results for For Sale By Owner: Perfect. Everything looks great.



    Some of the 1st Page Google Rankings (Competition):

    4 sale by owner real estate (11,800,000)

    For sale by owner real estate (34,500,000)

    Fsbo (7,690,000)

    Fsbo homes (1,670,000)

    Fsbo service (735,000)

    For sale by owner (138,000,000)

    For sale by owner (4,500,000)

    Fsbo listings (1,360,000)

    Fsbo mls (1,010,000) (321,000)

    Forsalebuyowner (6,950)

    Forsale-buyowner (4,690)

    Fsbo Houston (416,000)

    Fsbo Louisiana (166,000)

    Fsbo mls (1,010,000) (321,000)

    House for sale house for sale (316,000,000) (8,280,000)

    For sale by owner homes (16,800,000)


  • “Hi Jennifer,

    This is really awesome. I am very happy with our progress. Apparently whatever it is that you guys do really does work!

    :) Cary

    #1 in Google for (Competition):

    Atlanta bridal jewelry (211,000)

    Atlanta custom jewelry designer (322,000)

    Atlanta custom made jewelry (2,200,000)

    Atlanta jewelry designers (728,000)

    Atlanta jewelry repair (285,000)

    Custom jewelry atlanta (352,000)

    Custom jewelry design atlanta (320,000)

    Jewelry design atlanta (332,000)”

  • “At, we believe that every retiree and pre-retiree should have a retirement income plan that realistically estimates their expenses and seeks to ensure that they do not outlive their assets. Providing these strategies is our expertise.

    We relied on our web design and internet marketing company to deliver the online expertise and strategy. They provided us with the professional look and feel as well as getting us the exposure on the search engines. They delivered for us as partners and are tied into the success of our company.

    "lifetime annuity" - 1st Page in Google

    "annuity contracts" - 1st Page in Google”

    Craig Hemke,

  • “With a January, 2010 publication launch, Complete Curriculum's digital textbook series will show how easily you can access, customize and provide free, engaging, relevant digital educational content!

    Currently our website design is in progress and the project management has been top notch. Our web design company understands that search engine optimization has to be at the core of our web design and online marketing strategy. They are optimizing our temporary website so we can hit the ground running when we launch in 2010. We are very happy with the strategic business approach taken.

    "affordable digital textbooks"- 1st Page in Google

    "customized digital textbooks"- 1st Page in Google

    "k-12 customized digital textbooks"- 1st Page in Google

    "instructor textbooks"- 1st Page in Google

    "complete curriculum"- 1st Page in Google”

    Alison Canciliari,

  • “Our mission is to provide a forum where everyone (and we mean, everyone) can engage in an ongoing conversation about race matters—topics they may not be comfortable chatting about in their office hallways, street corners, grocery-store isles and even their own living rooms.

    Our online marketing company's job is to ensure that this important message gets. They have supported our cause and we are receiving the online exposure they promised us.


    "cultural uniqueness" - 1st Page in Google”

    Janice Ellis,

  • “A Small sampling of My Local Shopping Results delivering a return on investment...

    "atlanta beauty and tanning stores sales"

    "atlanta promotions and special offers"

    "atlanta auto and transportation"

    "atlanta department stores sales"

    "atlanta cellular and wireless"

    What a way to compete for a small business with the big boys! $125 per month and your business can end up ranking on the first page in Google! That's value!”

    Chris Bradford

  • “Koch Equipment maintains the production expertise, technical knowledge, competence, training, and creativity needed to effectively and efficiently serve our customers' needs.

    However, our image online did not provide that comfort to our customers. The web design team helped us change that. They translated our vision for excellence in our daily business to the online image our company deserved. They build the website with search engine rankings in mind and now we rank:

    1. Vacuum Meat Packaging - #2 in Google, #3 in Yahoo!

    2. Meat Packaging - #3 in Google, #4 in Yahoo!

    3. Meat Labeling - #7 in Google

    4. Meat Packaging Parts - #5 in Google, #2 in Yahoo!

    5. Vacuum Packaging Machines - #4 in Google, #2 in Yahoo!

    6. Tray Sealer - #1 in Google, #4 in Yahoo!

    7. Meat Processing Equipment - #3 in Google, #4 in Yahoo!

    I attribute our increased sales to the ability of our website to create leads for my business as well as drive clients our direction. I was initially hesitant to invest precious capital into a new website but I have realized that the right website can definitely contribute to the bottom line.”

    Lisa Calhoun, CEO,

  • “Photography requires the proper skill and knowledge to elevate the true meaning behind each image. I studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York under the best portrait and fashion photographers in the industry. I expect excellence from myself and take enormous pride in my photography studio.

    I selected this company to reflect my image online and I couldn't have been more pleased with the results. The website has the pizzazz, energy and creativity that I could have only hoped for. Everyone who visits my website loves it. The team turned my images into a beautiful show case of my work. They have been a pleasure to work with.”

    Jessica Peterson, Owner,
    Jules Images, Photography

  • It is very satisfying as a company to be able to use our clients as reference checks, here is one reference response.

    You were provided as a reference by Al Loise at VAYU Media. My organization is in the process of reviewing new web design and would like to inquire about your experience working with VAYU. If you don't mind, I'd appreciate you responding to the following questions to help aid us in our decision process.

    - What is the name of your organization and what type of work/project did you hire VAYU for?

    My organization is Himalaya Sewa Expedition and Trek. VAYU was hired to create our first web site.

    - Do you feel they delivered what was promised?

    Yes absolutely.

    - Are you happy with the work that was done for you?

    Yes, extremely.

    - Was VAYU responsive to your needs and requests?


    - Do feel you were charged a fair price for the work you received?


    - Is there anything else you would like to share about yourexperience working with VAYU?

    They went out of their way to make sure I was happy with the final product."

    Bruce Keenan,
    Himalaya Sewa Expedition and Trek