Don’t get overwhelmed by SEO Analytics – Keep it simple

by Jennifer Dunphy

Oct 4, 2012

Don’t get overwhelmed It is easy for a small to medium sized business to throw in the towel and not even consider looking at SEO analytics. Too quickly are such decisions made, and the business owners remain in the dark overwhelmed by the sheer thought of looking at their web analytics.  It doesn’t have to be that way. All the fancy terminology shouldn’t scare one away. Keeping it simple is key.

Regardless, if a business has or has not implemented an SEO Strategy it should take a look at one report that will provide the owners with some great insight: Organic search visitors  at the keyword level. Quickly, one can get a feel for the type of traffic the website is receiving and opportunities to target certain keyword clusters.   If the business is investing in an SEO Strategy this report combined with conversion tracking will allow the owners to determine the ROI of an SEO campaign.


The business needs the analytics and the feel for the business to decide on the best SEO strategy.

Analytics will allow one to estimate the websites traffic participation for each keyword once it achieves low, mid, and high first page rankings. The website analytics should also provide the owner with a good rough estimate of conversion to leads or sales.  The hard numbers combined with the knowledge of the business allows management to take a less emotional approach.  Combined with their business profitability information they have the basics to make decisions that are based more on logic than emotions.

At the end of the day, everyone wants visitors to take action and not simply browse the site. With the proper keyword targeting, a business is more likely to achieve the desired conversions and not just traffic. Analysis of the website’s current conversions can provide invaluable insight into what type of keywords convert at the highest rates.  High website traffic is great, but without conversions it doesn’t matter, and without profitability it doesn’t matter.

If you keep it simple, you are more likely to execute. Here are some simple quick and dirty things to do:


-   Conversion estimate per keyword group type (products, etc.)

-   Rough traffic participation % once rankings are achieved (if you’re already ranking then you’ll have actual numbers)

-  Profitability per transaction, Lifetime per new customer/client

-  Cost of SEO per keyword group

- Time of SEO per keyword group


The points above will allow you to calculate your ROI or ROI expectation on the back of a napkin.

Traffic X Conversion Rate X Profitability = Expected Earnings

Expected Earnings – Cost of SEO (if not ranking yet, consider a reasonable time to achieve rankings) = Profitability

Diving deep or keeping this high level approach will allow you to determine your strategy with a Solution in mind. Keeping all of this in mind will help you to uncover additional opportunities that you may otherwise overlook or determine that some of your investment dollars aren’t producing the proper return on investment.

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