How Long Does SEO Take To See Results? (Part I)

by Al Loise

Jul 4, 2013

Business owners and stakeholders frequently ask “How Long Does SEO Take To See Results?” when evaluating whether SEO is an appropriate investment for their business.   Beyond  spam emails business owners receive daily offering quick results, business owners often hope for an easy, pat answer when they ask this question.   Is it 3 months, 6 months, a year?


The answer is: There is no easy answer.

Many variables exist when determining when a business should start to see results from a quality SEO program, including:


1. Geographic Targeting: Does your business hope to achieve increased organic search traffic and rankings locally, nationally or globally?   A business owner trying to increase their presence in Atlanta, for example, may be able to do so easier than a business trying to rank and get increased traffic on a national or global basis.    Also, getting traction with your SEO campaign in Los Angeles may be much more difficult than competing in a smaller market, like Toledo, for example,  for similar terms.  National rankings tend to be a lot more difficult as a business is competing against a larger pool of businesses.


2.Your existing website:   How long has your domain been around and registered?   The search engines typically value domains that have been registered for a while (as long as your domain has not been penalized in the past by the search engines).   Is your domain brand new?   The search engines often react differently to new domains as their authority and trust have not been established yet.  What authority and trust does your website and domain currently receive from the search engines?   In addition to all these different factors, the search engines also look at the user experience that your website delivers to visitors.   Does it load quickly?   Is it easy to navigate?   Does it provide good information and experience that keeps people on your site?  What type of experience does your site provide for visitors on mobile or tablets?   Keep in mind that these are all factors, but they should be viewed relative to your competition.

In part II next week, we will discuss competitive business categories and other factors that play a role.

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