How Long Does SEO Take To See Results? (Part II)

by Al Loise

Jul 11, 2013

In Part I of “How Long Does SEO Take To See Results” , I shared a little bit on how the level of geographic targeting and different elements of an existing website play a role in how long SEO takes to see increased organic rankings or search traffic.   Some additional factors that impact the length of time a quality SEO program will start to see results include:

3. Competitiveness in Market Segment and Terms Targeted.   In SEO, not all businesses are created equal.   For example , many ecommerce businesses will find themselves in a pretty crowded market.   Ecommerce businesses have been using organic search as a main revenue driver for their business for years, so the level of sophistication and years of work invested have made it competitive for a lot of different categories.   Add the robust budgets and advantage big brands often receive in organic search, and it can become a pretty crowded field.   Adult products and themes and some financial businesses (payday loans, credit cards, etc) are highly competitive.   Finally, any SEO company or web design firm can confirm that the level of competition involved in a large market for their relative search terms.

Although we have outlined some pretty competitive business categories here, keep in mind that a quality SEO team should sift through the thousands of terms that may be relevant for your business, and make recommendations on some relevant, less-competitive terms to target as part of your strategy.

4.   Level of Involvement in Social Media Let’s face it, social media is not going anywhere.   And while some in the SEO industry may disagree on the level of causation or correlation on social media’s impact on organic rankings, we all can agree that a business is active and engaged in social media is more likely to see results quicker in SEO.   For the SMB business owner who is time crunched, I suggest blogging regularly on a blog hosted on your website and pushing that content through the social media channels in which they are active.   This provides the fresh content on the website that the Google algorithm loves, and also gives the business owner to amplify their message through their channels and bring users back to their site.   Also, keep in mind that the search engine’s goal is to deliver relevant organic search results, and being active on relevant social media networks is another signal that you are a relevant result.

A quality SEO consultant or strategic partner should be able to give a reasonable, realistic answer to a client when asked “How long does SEO take to see results” for their business.   Need an answer?   Contact us so we can discuss your business and your goals.


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