Learn How Allocating Proper Investments In Talent, Training And Budgets Allowed VoIP Supply To Successfully Reach Over 100,000 Monthly Visitors To Their Website

by Jennifer Dunphy

Aug 30, 2012

Thanks for joining us again in week three of our six week interview series where we are speaking with business executives just like you on how they are successfully leveraging the power of the web to grow their business to outstanding new heights. This week we interviewed Garrett Smith, Chief Marketing Officer of VoIP Supply.


VoIP Supply (www.voipsupply.com) is North America’s leading VoIP solutions provider and it is more than just a website. They are people; a team of talented, dedicated people who are passionate about IP technologies. They all work together to deliver products and services that allow you to implement and deploy VoIP in your home, business or for your clients. Simply put, VoIP might sell products and services online but what defines them is their ability to deliver customized solutions with remarkable customer service and support that is unparalleled in the VoIP industry.


Vayu Media: What industry are you in?


VoIP Supply: VoIP Supply is at the intersection of telecommunications, Unified Communications, and video conferencing.


Vayu Media: What makes your business special?


VoIP Supply: The people we have here. We have a unique culture that allows us to deliver a great customer experience will still maintaining a fun, friendly environment.


Vayu Media: How many employees does your company have?


VoIP Supply: 31 employees.


Vayu Media: Who is your target market?


VoIP Supply: Small Medium Business and those who work with, or service, Small Medium Businesses.


Vayu Media: What strategies have you implement for growth (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Banner Ads, Mobile Marketing, Blogs, etc.)?


VoIP Supply: We’ve tried anything and everything. We’re constantly trying new channels for growth; testing, measuring and then continuing efforts based on the results.


While we’d love to confess that there is one silver bullet for us, we’ve found that efficient application of the basics works the best. That means focusing on creating expert content, maximizing search engine visibility, and creating conversations through social media.


Vayu Media: Were the strategies that you implemented “out of the box” or industry standard?


VoIP Supply: When we first started, VoIP Supply was one of the first eCommerce focused companies that sprouted up in our industry.


Before the technological shift in the telecommunication industry to IP, there was little thought to B2B eCommerce. But we knew that buyers of IP products would be looking for these products online so, we took a gamble and did something that few were doing.


Vayu Media: Has something surprised you that you thought wouldn’t work but did work for you or vice versa?


VoIP Supply: One of the biggest surprises has been how powerful proper site architecture is to search engine success. Even if you think you’ve got it right, you will probably still find areas for improvement. During our last website redesign, we were able to increase traffic 15% just by changing our site architecture.


Vayu Media: What has the success rate been?


VoIP Supply: A 15% increase in traffic.


Vayu Media: What other strategies have you tried?


VoIP Supply: Too many to list!


Vayu Media: How long did it take to achieve the desired results?


VoIP Supply: It depends, but we usually give campaigns 1 – 3 months. During this time we monitor the results and ROI.


Vayu Media: Was this an ongoing or a onetime strategy?


VoIP Supply: We are always trying and testing new strategies. Things change too fast these days to stick to just one thing.


Vayu Media: Which online marketing avenue has provided the highest ROI?


VoIP Supply: Search, by far, has the highest ROI for online marketing.


Vayu Media: What is a defined conversion for you? A sale? A request for quote? A call? A newsletter subscription? Other?


VoIP Supply: A sale is our definition of conversion.


Vayu Media: What type of analytics are you implementing?


VoIP Supply: Google Analytics.


Vayu Media: What is your targeted conversion rate?


VoIP Supply: It varies, based on the website or phone conversions.


Vayu Media: What conversion rates are you achieving?


VoIP Supply: Sorry, confidential!


Vayu Media: What is your monthly traffic rate to your website?  How much id this increase with each online marketing campaign that you have implemented?


VoIP Supply: We receive around 100,000 visitors to our website each month. We generally see a 10% increase in traffic from an average campaign.


Vayu Media: Do you have a dedicated person or dedicated team handling your online marketing endeavors?


VoIP Supply: Yes, we have an awesome team here at VoIP Supply with a diverse set of skills. Our team of five are really dedicated to learning, developing and executing on our online marketing strategies.


Vayu Media: How long have you been using the internet as a marketing avenue for your business? Were you an early adopter, or late to the game?


VoIP Supply: We were relatively early, starting in 2004.


Vayu Media: Why do you feel that you have been successful with your online marketing endeavors while many businesses struggle with this?


VoIP Supply: There are a number of reasons. The first is that we made the proper investments in talent, training and budgets. Too many businesses today try to limp in, don’t see results and never return.


It takes talent, experience and budget to be successful online. The next reason is that we started creating expert level content in the form of blogs and guides well before it was en vogue.


Much of our brand awareness, customer acquisition and loyalty has been due to our ability to help people make the right purchase decisions and then implement them properly. Last, but not least, we’ve got great people, who work hard to deliver a great customer experience backed by domain expertise.


Vayu Media: What’s next on your list? Is there an avenue that you have wanted to explore but have not had the time or budget for it?


VoIP Supply: Continued expansion. We’ve got a few plans to break into new markets that are starting to really grow. We’ve also doubled down on talent, placing more focus on our internal hiring and training programs to ensure we recruit and grow the best talent.


Vayu Media: What advice can you offer to other businesses that are interested in trying similar strategies?


VoIP Supply: The best advice is to have a budget, get trained and be patient. Marketing takes time; there’s no such thing as an instant success. Remember, no silver bullets.

I couldn’t  agree more with Garrett when he stated that there is no silver bullet for marketing of any kind. It truly takes not only time, patience and expertise, but also the proper ongoing training and a commitment to allocate the proper funding for your initiative to be as successful as possible.

Furthermore, he hit the nail on the head when he said that the proper site architecture is critical to search engine success. All too often, businesses invest heavily into their marketing campaigns, yet they fall short when it comes down to making sure that they have a website that can convert. No matter what the industry may be, the purpose of a website should be to function as a 24 hour sales person that effectively guides a prospect through the buying process in a natural manner. The website needs to be clear, concise, and tell the businesses story exactly as the business owner would tell it. If the prospect is easily able to find the information that they are seeking, the business and the client will reap the benefits. The search engines also show favoritism to websites with the proper website architecture and layout. It all boils down to helping the user find what they are looking for , and the easier it is to navigate the website, the better it is for everyone involved, including Google.


I hope that you were able to take away a few valuable tips and ideas that you can replicate in your own online marketing strategy. Stay tuned for next week as we interview the executives of CleanTie, where Spilled milk was the inspiration for this business that used the internet to expand internationally in under two months.



Garrett Smith brings passion, an entrepreneurial spirit, and almost a decade of marketing expertise to VoIP Supply as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. Starting his career in marketing out of his dorm room helping companies sell their products and services on the Internet, Garrett is tasked with revenue, profit and market share growth for VoIP Supply.

As one of VoIP Supply’s first employees, Garrett has held a variety of sales, marketing and business development roles since joining the company in 2003 which has allowed him to gain a diverse set of revenue generating skills including search engine marketing, eCommerce, social media, and telesales.

Before coming to VoIP Supply, Garrett was instrumental in the launch and growth of T-Mobile USA’s national retail accounts in Upstate New York and has a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY.

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